Monday, August 23, 2010

Jai Haiwaan, Kaun Kissan?

I’ve sown a seed of my helpless fate,

Waiting for deliverance from this miserable existence of mine,

I grow what you eat, fruits of my labor,

All honour all respect ceased,

I toil in the fields, burn in the merciless sun, make your bread;

Enjoy it on your festive table,

Realize my troubles,

Think of me when you chew your morsel,

My beaten skin cries in agony,

My bleeding heart pains of neglect,

Am I so unnecessary?

So invisible?

My plight lies in the shadows of your bursting joy,

Your happy life is blind to mine,

The noose awaits, my only escape,

That seed I sown has borne fruit,

That poisonous vicious cycle of torment

Must draw to a close, my eyes will obey,

As my life breath escapes in a gushing bellow,

And my eyes pop to the surprise of death,

Its welcoming arms, death feels not cold,

It is the indifference that does.

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