Sunday, November 16, 2008

For you. Whoever you are

Thy shed a silent tear, my heart

Arisen out of a sudden fear,

Will I be loved ever, or will I love you,

The need to be held, to be loved is felt,


A hazy image forms,

A silhouette, a shadow,yet firm,

To be believed as you,

A belief I hold close to my heart,


For an image is all you are,

I know not you, just the love that I feel,

A silent power that encompasses.

Instills courage and the will to wait,

For you


A hug that would fill me,

Hide beneath your wings,

Cry in your arms,

I long, my lady love,


I am scared, beneath that fa├žade of me,

To you I am true,

To you I am me,

The me I save for you,

The me you will save,


Come fast, for like a child I fear,

I need your touch,

Reassurance, you will be there,

Give me a sign,

I love you


An emotion kept suppressed,

Saved for you,

Like the tear shed, oh so silently,

Held gingerly in my palm,


That tear, arisen off the fear,


Lady, come;

Rescue me.




Himalee said...

beautiful... :) adu, this actually made me cry... :)

Hypnostashia said...

nice abstract way that u've used....i like this style of writing.....

arnv said...

Well written!
I like your posts! Keep it up!
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